High protein breakfast meal

Protein is an essential macronutrient for your body. It makes up the building block for major organs, muscles, skin and hormones. Not only do your muscles need protein to repair and grow, but protein has many other benefits like:

  •   Reduction of appetite and hunger levels.
  •   Increase in muscle mass and strength.
  •  Enhances metabolism.
  •   Enhances fat burning.
  •   Good for bones.

Did you know that you lose more muscle mass from the age of 30 and above? This phenomenon is referred to as sarcopenia.Therefore, you must make sure that you increase your protein intake to stimulate muscle growth and slow down the process of losing muscle mass. For young adults; 20g of protein per meal is sufficient, and for older adults; 30 - 35g of protein per meal is sufficient for stimulating muscle growth.

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